Interior Inspirations

I have always been a visual person; from my learning style to my general interests, I enjoy things that are visually appealing. This is probably where my love of fashion comes from. Mixing prints and textures in unexpected wayS does not stop in my closet. My design esthetic is feminism, clean and soft. And I want my living space to reflect that. As J always says: “it doesn’t even look like a guy lives here!” that how I know I did a good job, HA. I’ll share updates on our place as I can but with all the moving we’ve done in the past few years, it has been difficult to collect all the pretty things I desire. For now, I’ll share some [Pinterest] inspirations, things that reflect my style and interests and when we are more settled (Summer 2016) I will share our personal home designs.


bedroom bedroom2

babysroom rustic waredrobe




living.dining- graypops of gold

Which ones are your favorite?

B. K.

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