About Me

Just a 20 something year old married city gal living in the heart of America. Traveler by profession, fashion lover by way of life.

From the first time I heard my mom tell the story of my diva moments in preschool, I knew I had a real connection to fashion. The story goes like this:

One day, while getting ready for preschool, my mom made me wear a cardigan I was not in the mood for! During Art class at school, I took the liberty of cutting each and every button off that little cardigan. When questioned by the teacher, I explained that I was allowed to cut off these buttons, that my mom was OK with it. The teacher collected the loose buttons in a plastic bag to give to my mom at the end of the day. When the school day was over and momma bear arrived, need-less-to-say she was not happy to receive that bag of buttons. Moral of the story, never make me, no matter the age, wear something I don’t want to wear.

 Photo on 10-9-12 at 6.13 PM #6

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