Wedding Bliss: Sharing a Few Favorites From Our Big Day!

As most of you know, J & I got hitched this past summer! We recently received our wedding photos and it’s bringing me back to that perfect day. It may have rained in the morning but, with sunshine only moments before the ceremony was set to begin, it truly was a blessed day! The rain cooled the air creating a comfortable environment for our guests to enjoy the outdoor arrangement and the slight overcast relaxed our eyes to capture beautiful moments on film.

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mom and bride


We have now been married almost 5 months. We often get ask “so has anything changed since getting married?”. Justin may say that nothing is different (typical guy!) but for me, there is such a stronger sense of belonging, security, and partnership. If there is a disagreement, we approach it so much differently, knowing we are in this together for the long haul. Things we may have taken for granted while dating, mean so much more to us now. We are diligent in setting aside one night per week for “date-night” as I am a firm believer you should never stop dating your spouse. I love this article from the Huffington Post on the subject. We can look into the future without any doubt or fear about where we will be (in terms of our relationship – who knows where we will be physically!). Marriage may not be for everyone, but I am certain it is for me.

B. K.

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