Baby [Fashion] Fever

Anyone else recently married and already feeling the pressure of having kids? No? Just me? Mmk.

For when the day comes that my husband and I actually have children, fashion is one thing I will instill in my offspring. There is nothing, and i mean NOTHING, better than children with style (okay maybe like health and stuff too…)

Here are a few of my FAVORITE kid fashion ideas for the fall! First of which is my darling cousin, Riley! How on point is her choice in hats?!


Other ideas gathered from pinterest…


kids scarf

Tip: Add a pop of color with an infinity scarf

rain poncho

Tip: practical and adorable. Stock up on rain gear


Tip: a dressy peacoat – more practical than you may think!

leather jackets

Tip: He’ll be the coolest guy on the play ground.


Tip: comfortable and adorable moccasins


Tip: when in doubt, add [faux] fur.

Style tips:

cuffed jeans

Cuffed jeans, cause they’ll grow, but look super cool while they do it!


Layers! When they’re chilly, add an article of clothing. When their warm (wait for it..), take an article off! Cardigans!

mixing print

Mix patterns… ’cause it’s cute & fun


Monogram… everything!

printed leggings

Printed leggings with a chunky sweater. Ahh the comforts of playtime!

wool shorts

A pair of fall shorts… & maybe a dog.

I might love shopping for little ones more than I’ll love shopping for myself [but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!]!


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