Back to Basics

In the past, I have had a BAD habit of buying wild prints, memorable tops, and special occasion (aka 1 time only) dresses. Since moving to our itty, bitty beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with basically no storage (not sure what people in the 20’s did with their stuff) I’ve had to re-think the way I purchase clothes. My husband, to no surprise at all, would say “just stop shopping”… In the words of Cher, “AS IF!!!”. Okay that sequence New Years Eve dress from Bebe was cute and all… but reel it in, Bailey!

I’ve refocused my shopping to stock pile the basics. I’ve also switched up my budget to spend more on high-quality basics that I know I will wear many, many times over.

Here are a few of my favorites that you must (M.U.S.T.) go out and purchase:

corinne tank

I never knew what love was until I met Urban Outfitter’s Silence + Noise Corinne Tank. I have two as of today… ask me again tomorrow.


The best dang tee you’ll ever buy!

levi jeans

Let’s not over-complicate this, okay? Levi Jeans are the only jeans you really need in your closet.

olive green jacket

Nobody, & I mean NOBODY looks bad in olive green.

black flats

While I love a good heel, sometimes the most practical option to get you through a long day at work or a casual happy hour requires a cute flat. I found these Vince Camuto ‘Felise’ d’Orsay flat at Nordstrom for under $100. Though they won’t keep you warm in snowy climates, they are a great accessory the rest of the year!

camel bag

Lastly, invest in a quality cross body. I prefer this Selma – Mini Saffiano leather messenger bag by Michael Kors. Camel is great for every season and can easily be dressed up or down. Just large enough for your wallet, cellphone and favorite lipstick, take it out for a quick bite with your friends or for a night out on the town.

Now get to shopping!

B. K.

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