Black is Always The Answer; Friday Date Night – #OOTN

Hello fashion-lovers! Who else woke up to a raindrop covered windowpane? It may be gloomy outdoors but inside I have my favorite candle lit [Bath & Body Works – Autumn], my fur babies snuggled up beside me, & coffee brewing! From where I’m at, it’s all sunshine & smiles.

Last night we “celebrated”, with heavy hearts, J’s return as an MS2 by trying out a local restaurant. My best advice for hitting up a place you’ve never been: always wear black. You can’t go wrong!

Last night’s look:


Details | Skirt: MNG, Suit Collection | Top: F21 | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Bass


Beautiful decor, energetic atmosphere, & good wine. Plus, J’s monstrous meal…


What’s everyone doing this weekend? You can find me hiding away behind my computer screen.

Until Next Time,

B. K.

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