Don’t Mind If I Do.. Honeymoon.

Don’t mind if I do is the phrase I said at every meal, every day of our honeymoon as I passed the dessert table.


We are back from our honeymoon.. a little tanner, a little fatter & a whole lot happier! My new husband and I took off to Jamaica last week to bask in the sun at a couples only, all-inclusive resort. It was magically, really. We did nothing. Our favorite spot on the resort happened to be a favorite of all 70-something-year-old couples: the porch swings. With a view like this, do I really need to explain myself further?

porch swing view

Surprisingly enough, we spent a whole 45 minutes on the beach. Shame on us, we know. But when you marry a milky-skinned ginger, you improvise. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the sand and salty water either… the combination is very itchy.

We spent a lot of our days lounging by the pool with some fruity little drinks. I can only imagine the calories.


It was neat to be in another country during such an important holiday for the United States. Our resort went all out for Independence Day with food, decorations, and a bonfire on the beach. We even pretended to steer an imaginary ship for a photo op [anything for a photo op, am i right?!].

fourth of july party

Because drinking pool side wasn’t enough, we moved our efforts to the open waters for a Booze & Cruise good time. Only one person got sick and the wind was on our side.


The last night of our get-away, reality hit us square in the face so we “attempted” to act our age. A few Crown & Cokes later, Justin was belting his heart out while being held up by the piano. Proud wife moment.


And now we’re back.

Our kitties, while taken great care of, now reek havoc at all hours of the day to spite us for leaving. Soon enough, though, life will return to normal.

Until Next Time,

B. K.

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