Spring is on it’s way!

Hello Loves,

It may seem hard to believe, as many parts of the [U. S.]  country are still under inches (if not feet) of snow- but Spring is on it’s way! Happy March everyone! In honor of the designated winter months being behind us, it’s time to think florals, colored jeans & pastels! YAY! Thinking of my favorite [early] Spring time looks, here’s a week’s worth of springtime inspiration!

workday hustle - monday

Monday’s Workday Hustle

timeless tuesday

Timeless Tuesday

humpday florals

Hump Day Florals

a terrific thursday

A Terrific Thursday

casual friday

Casual Friday

friday night fun

Friday Night Fun

daytime - saturday

Saturday’s Errands

sunday chic

Sweet Sunday

For those of you still fighting the wintery-cold, you’re almost to the finish line! & to all my fashionistas’ in warmer climates, I hope these inspire your looks! Are you as excited as I am!?

Until next time,

for the Love of Fashion (& warm weather),

B. A.

*images courtesy of Pinterest

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