Plane friendly OOTD


From plane to meeting or meeting to plane, sometimes packing for business trips can be tough. You either have to commit to waking up 20 minutes earlier in your hotel room to iron out all your clothes or you need to pack thinking suitcase friendly. I prefer the latter. Cardigans and sweaters are a sure win when traveling (sweaters aren’t supposed to be hung up, ever). Adding my favorite high-waisted, ankle length slacks & completing the look with a low heel and cheetah print belt. Think practicality when traveling, you never know how much walking you’ll do or when the meeting runs late and changing before heading back to the airport is not an option.

Cardigan: Target

Slacks: Charlotte Russe

Belt: Target

Heels: Target

Talk about a budget-friendly look!

Until Next Time,

For the love of fashion (& traveling),

B. A.

4 thoughts on “Plane friendly OOTD

    • A co-worker and I were just talking about this the other day! I would have LOVED to grow up in a time where traveling by plane meant you wore your Sunday best!

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