Bad hair day? No Problem.

This morning I woke up late, looked in the mirror and just said “no”. I’m not sure what it is I do in my sleep that causes my hair to go every which way but it’s bad, it’s just all bad. I could invest in silk pillow cases but.. nahh. What else can a girl (or boy) do to cover up their bed head when they simply do not have time to shower? Hats. Thank goodness for fashionable hats!

Look #1:


Get the look:

ASOS Metallic Turban 22.74

ASOS Metallic Turban $22.74

Look #2:


Get the look:

nordstrom floppy wool felt hat 52

Nordstrom Floppy Wool Felt Hat $52.00

Look #3:


Get the look:

nordstrom wool blend cap 22

Nordstrom Wool Blend Cap $22.00

Because a bad hair day just means a cute hat day.

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& bad hair days),

B. A.

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