Patterned Tights- 6 ways to rock them

There was a time when I said “tights are for old ladies… I’m never wearing them!”… Whoops. Fast forward to present day and I wear them at least a few times per week. They are a fun accessory to enhance your winter look!

Here’s 6 of my favorite ways to wear patterned tights:

1. Rebel


Leather, skater skirt, polka dots.. need I say more?!

2. Texture


Tweed skirts have so much texture as it is but why be boring? Add a pair of patterned tights to the mix and you’ve got yourself a more fresh approach to a normally business-structured skirt. 

3. Sweet


Who doesn’t love a pair of heart-shaped tights? honestly, too cute. 

4. NYC Sass


Loving this chunky sweater dress and leather boot combo when paired with these patterned tights. It’s busy done right.

5. color blocking 


I love incorporating summertime skirts with chunky sweaters for a fantastic fall/winter look. Add more fun by pairing with a patterned tight and you’ll stay warm all day. 

6. All black


I’m all about an all black outfit – in fact I’m wearing one today. You can still get that linear all black look while adding a black and nude pattern. This look can take you from day to night without changing a thing!

Don’t have patterned tights or need to add more to your closet? No problem!

nordstrom sheer dot 11.00

Nordstrom Sheer Dot $11.00

f21 diamond patterned tights 8.80

Forever 21 Diamond Patterned Tights $8.80

express fishnet sheet full tights 24.90

Express Lace & Fishnet Full Tights $24.90

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& winter accessories),

B. A.

*Images courtesy of Pinterest 

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