Vintage finds… without the “vintage” price tag

Once upon a time, “vintage finds” meant going down to your local Salvation Army and hunting through the racks for trends you haven’t seen, possibly, in your lifetime. Now-a-days, vintage is a hot commodity and with that comes a hefty price tag. What was once a $3 1960s band shirt is now a $75 “vintage” band tee.

This, my friends, does not sit well with me. I love a good bargain so call me uncool but i’m still going to do my “vintage” shopping at the thrift stores!

Here’s my latest find:


High-waisted bright olive green and cream polka-dot pants found for $4 at a local thrift shop.

I’ll need to do some tailoring in the hip region but I am so excited about these gems!

I love this look with a fitted tee [like the one i’m wearing] or a cream blouse, tucked in, for a more office-appropriate look.

Until Next Time,

for the love of fashion [& a good deal],

B. A.

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