Making like an Elf

It’s a week into December and Instagram is plastered with Christmas trees, cozy sweaters and the perfect cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows. Houses light up the night sky, grocery stores are filled with pumpkin pie and malls, well… they’re packed.

Aside from the over-sized knits, fireplaces crackling and delicious Starbucks hot beverages, my favorite part of the holiday season is purchasing thoughtful gifts for my loved ones. This weekend I headed out to the mall with my hunny in hand and a positive outlook on our upcoming experience with crazy holiday shoppers.

I’ve decided this year to purchase only practical gifts. I’ve put a lot of time and thought into what i can give each family member/friend that they will use and truly enjoy. I’m sticking to Sephora favorites, electronics [that will  make everyday tasks a bit less stressful], and that really great pair of [splurge] shoes she would never purchase for herself.

photo (3)

This Christmas is sure to be different than years past. The days I would have spent with my family will now be spent with my future husband. What would be been running down the stairs Christmas morning will now be spent cuddled up in bed, snuggling. What would have been Christmas dinner at my parents’ house will now be spent with new friends.

What are your favorite things about the holiday season?

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion [& the holiday season],

B. A.

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