#OOTD it’s a Neon Summer

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I went on a huge summer fashion haul, I definitely needed to freshen up my summer wardrobe by adding trendy pieces to the classics I already own. I feel like this summer especially, I’m in a new stage of my life and need to dress more the part. This is the first summer I can’t say I’m a ‘recent college grad’ AND I’m a new bride to be! I think there comes a time when you become an adult out in the real world that you must start dressing in a way that if you were to see you boss out on a Friday night, you wouldn’t be mortified by what you’re wearing.. if you get what I mean. ANYWAYS, that’s where I’m at!

So I’ve added a bunch of new trendy pieces, both tops and bottoms, and thought it’s been too long since my last post!

Here’s a look at my #ootd from yesterday!






I’m LOVING neon for summer. For this outfit I paired this vibrant neon yellow with a chevron/tribal print black and white top, high black wedge booties and a statement necklace. I really love the booties with this summer look, I think we sometimes think that when the warm weather comes we should pack away our winter shoes, including booties! I disagree. I love the closed-toe look for some occasions.

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: American Eagle | Shoes: Aldo | Neckalce: Etsy

For work, simply throw on a fitted blazer and you’re ready to make an office statement.


I’m super excited about starting a new series on here for office looks in the summer time. It’s hot, it’s summer, and you want to dress the part but it’s often times hard to find a great mix of summer clothes for the office! I’ll have those inspirations ready for you soon!


Until Next Time,

For the love of Fashion (& Neons),

B. A.

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