Fashion Wear It or Tear It – Dressy Sweatpants

Hey there Fashion Lovers!

I’ve never been one really into wearing sweatpants. I get it, they’re comfortable but I just never liked the idea of looking like a hot mess in public (though it’s definitely happened a time or two).

From frumpy to fabulous, sweatpants have evolved to a new fashion: dressy. Believe it as you may, there are women out there rocking a pair of the lovable pants with killer heels.


It’s taken me some time to warm up to the idea but now.. I think it’s time to own the look. Here’s some ways you can wear ’em:



I love the look paired with a simple top, right in the middle of being dressy and comfortable. It really brings the look full circle. Perfect outfit for wintertime and hey – what a great idea for when your girlfriends drag you out to ladies night when you really just wanna watch Netflix and munch on some Doritos.

What do you guys think, wear it or tear it?

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion,

B. A.

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