Travel to a new city, fall in love, move there PLUS an #OOTD

Finally! A post about the trip I went on two weekends ago! Seriously, sorry it’s taken me forever… I hope you took time these past two weeks from starring at the computer screen to grab a bite to eat. LOL jokes.

Anywho, from the blog post about packing, you’ve gathered the trip we took was a road trip. We left Friday evening and drove all through the night, this was the first time I’d ever traveled this way. My main take away from that road trip in the dead of night?: NEVER. AGAIN. like seriously, ever. It was tough and to refrain from sounding like a whining baby, I won’t go on….

Absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the city once we finally arrived! We stayed in an adorable little boutique hotel right outside downtown and spent most of our weekend apartment hunting. We found the perfect apartment for us in what’s known as the Library District, which is right in the heart of the city. I’m a total city girl and my love is…. not. But we ended up both finding the city apartment exactly what we both needed. IT’S A MIRACLE.

Here’s some shots from our trip!




photo 4-6photo 3-7photo 1-8

It was super snowy there and we LOVED it!!

Here’s a few of the apartment we’ve chosen, it’s a two bedroom/two bath condominium:


Our little city kitchen with a BIG window πŸ™‚ I’m obsessed with natural lighting


A view of a portion of the living room, four large windows give us a 180 view of downtown. Easily one of my favorite things about the place!


Large master bathroom!


Take a look at this gem! My walk in closet, don’t worry – I say MINE because Justin has his own walk in closet too! This was a must on my list of things the apartment would need. I have to keep everything organized and this is the only way possible! I’m so excited for this closet, you have no idea! You may not be able to tell from the photograph but this closet can fit a twin size bed in it.. anyone need a place to crash? πŸ˜‰


The lap pool, such a great exercise and stress-reliever for me! Very excited about this!

Well guys, you’ve seen it all! We are very thrilled about this opportunity. I am a bit nervous as well, I will be moving over a thousand miles from the state I grew up in… but it’s time for this baby bird to flap her wings and fly!!

I’ll leave you with this OOTD…because DUH, this is a fashion blog! πŸ˜›


it was a cold, snowy day today AND I’m beginning to get sick of the sweaters and peacoat routine so I switched things up! Channeling my inner lumberjack, I’m wearing an old fleece flannel button down, skinny black jeans, Uggs (I know & I’m sorry- but so much snow!), red puffy vest and accessorized with this orange and red multi-tiered necklace and bronze cocktail ring. —-And of course.. my nerd glasses 😎

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& new cities),

B. A.

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