Roadtrip? How to Pack Like a Pro

As I prep for our LONG road trip ahead, first and foremost you must understand I’m a huge planner; I must have every detail mapped out so I can sleep at night. I guess it’s safe to say I’m not much of a gypsy soul. When it comes to packing, everything must be organized to a tee. Every outfit is well planned out according to weather, planned activities and paired with accessories. Here’s a peak inside my packing extravaganza!

  • Start with great luggage!

photo 5-4Weekend Duffle

  • Pack outfits rather than single articles of clothing so you don’t forget a thing!

photo 1photo 2

  1. White Leather skirt, Black long sleeve tee, tribal print blazer, black tights and gray booties
  2. Accessories: white fossil watch, pearl and charm bracelet, black and silver cocktail ring, crystal dangle earrings, silver multi-strained necklace

photo 4photo 5

  • Purple and black lace blouse, hunter green tweed skirt, black floral printed tights (will be paired with black leather boots)
  • Accessories: Floral cocktail ring, floral, vintage necklace

photo 1-1photo 2-1photo 3-1

  • Black and white striped maxi skirt, black and white lace embellished blouse, olive green light weight jacket, black flat booties
  • Accessories: white and silver cocktail ring, tribal inspired white necklace, black infinity scarf with fringe

photo-59photo 5-1photo 3-2photo 4-1

  • Cheetah maxi skirt, black tank, leather quilt-printed jacket with gold studs, camel booties
  • Accessories: gold and tortoiseshell print chain necklace, gold bangles, gold pyramid cocktail ring, teal and gold earrings, camel vintage leather clutch

photo 5-3

photo 1-2photo 4-2

  • Olive Green studded jeans, cream sweater, chocolate brown wingtip heels
  • Accessories: cheetah scarf, simple bronze and gold bangles, bronze cocktail ring, Michael Kors Bag

Keep your jewelry safe during travel with an organizer like this:

photo 1-3photo 4-3

I take a separate duffle bag for shoes to avoid dirtying the clothes. I chose my Michael Kors weekender for this:

Weekend Duffle

I also keep all my bathroom toiletries in a separate bag incase of a leak!

Because this is a road trip, I want to dress in something comfortable. However, I have meetings beginning as soon as I get to the city so I can’t show up in sweats and a bun on top of my head. Here’s the look I chose for the drive:

photo 4-4photo 5-6photo 2-2

  • I chose a white long sleeve over-sized thin sweater, destroyed black skinny denim, and camel Uggs (which once arrived, I will change into structured black leather boots).
  • Accessories: Bold magenta necklace, vintage black and silver cocktail ring, Victoria Secret ‘Just Kiss Me’ nail polish and a black leather and gold Michael Kors cross body.

My planning technique may seen absurd to some but it’s what works for me! The last thing I’ll be saying an hour into the trip is: “OOPS, I FORGOT SOMETHING!”

In my next blog I’ll include pictures from the trip! Wish me safe travels!

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& traveling in style),

B. A.

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