Is it seriously almost Valentine’s Day again?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that some, if not most, of my readers don’t already have their shit together. For those of you who do, feel free to shower the rest of us in lose change. Assuming most of you are finishing up college and have no idea what the hell you’re doing but cozying up in a north face on your walk to class and pounding some Nati at the frat house on the weekends, you may be a little short on cash. FYI, as a recent college graduate myself, it does not get easier. In fact, it seems to get harder, mainly because you start to feel like an uncomfortable failure near the end of the month and might have to hit the parents up for some rent cash (HINT: mom). Any who, this blog is for you…all you learners, all you almost there but not quite, and all you “I’m still figuring out what I want to do in life” … 3 years after college.

With the smell of bitterness in the air, that must mean one thing: Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a long-term relationship or something new… or even those flying solo, Valentine’s Day means something to everyone. Whether you’re a girl ranting on social media how your boyfriend this year oddly resembles a dairy product with the name of Ben & Jerry’s or the overly touchy-feely couple nobody wants to hear about; we all have something to pay for this holiday.

For you single, emotional eaters, I suggest picking up some Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt. Comes in a variety of flavors and won’t make you depressingly in need of a treadmill February 15th.


For all you love lushes, keep it simple this year. Because when your girlfriend dumps you, she’s just going to pawn every piece of jewelry you’ve ever bought her so why give her that satisfaction? This Valentine’s Day, keep it cute, intimate and non-pawnable. Make a romantic, candlelit dinner for one another,  clean your boyfriend’s dirty ass apartment and see if he notices or see if you two can make this bike work:


Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day keep in mind one thing: we make life out to be way too serious, especially while we’re young & in love, keep Valentine’s Day simple.

From my love, to yours.


(That’s right, soak in our weirdness)

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& cheap romantic crap).

B. A.

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