10 Guidelines Every Man Should Know About a Suit

I’ve complied a Top 10 list about suits for men based off research I’ve conducted. An ill-fitting, dated suit is bad news guys! Avoid looking like you’ve borrowed your old man’s closet or that you’ve recently hit up the local thrift store for your Sunday’s best. While you are prepping for a big interview, celebrating at a wedding or attending a monumental event in your life, these list is critical to wipe you into manhood.
1. A modern-fit suit has a thin lapel while old school suits have wider lapels
2. You should always tie your tie in a windsor knot for important events (wedding, interview, etc)
3.  Your tie width should match the width of your lapel
4. Your shirt sleeves should be exposed half an inch outside of your jacket
5. Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt
6. for a fashion-forward look, the pant hem should hit right at the top of your shoe with no break
7. Your socks should be long enough to cover your bare legs when sitting down
8. A pocket square should not match your tie in pattern or fabric
9. Always unbutton your suit before sitting down
10. Dark grey suits are more versatile than black suits




…Welcome to the Men’s Club, boys.

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion,

B. A.

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