They Nailed It! – Top 5 Grammys 2014 favorites

Everything I like never seems to even get nominated for these awards shows, anyone else feel that way? Therefore, I only watch for the fashion! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Paris Hilton

grammy favs - paris hilton

Paris is absolutely stunning in white. Her hair and simple, natural makeup with a bold cocktail ring makes her #1 on my list of Grammys  favorites.

2. & 3. Miranda and Blake

grammy favs - miranda and blake

Miranda is glamourous in this old hollywood plunging neckline gown while Blake stayed true to himself: a great fitting pair of blue jeans.

4. Hunter Hayes

grammy favs - hunter hayes

Considering Hunter’s age, he got it right leaving the tie at home. From his hair to his fitted suit, Hunter gets an A in my book.

5. Christine Teigen

grammy favs - christine teigen

Stunning dress on Christine and the color goes so well with her golden skin tone. This everyday hair style is perfect with the over-the-top gown – and WOW what a bod to show off! I also love that she kept the jewelry minimal.

Bonus: Many are reporting Taylor Swift taking the honorable “best dressed” in her metallic gown.  From head to toe, T. Swift nailed it. She has my stamp of approval on her wardrobe… now about those dance moves…..

grammys - t swift

What were some of your favorite looks from this year’s Grammys?

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion,

B. A.

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