Why Men Fear Fashion

Is it just me or does it seem like most men fear fashion? Perhaps they’re just lazy, don’t care or maybe they have no idea that fashion even exists. Don’t get me wrong – there are MANY men out there who get it right on the daily, and to those men: HAVE MERCY (insert heart-eyed emoji). But why is it that more women are drawn to fashion then men? Don’t you guys want to look good too?!

Could be the downfall of living in the midwest and for you east or west coasters, please chime in! What’s it like out there? Are most men fashion illiterate or could they walk the runways?

I brought this topic up with some guys around town – all in their early to mid twenties, and their answers were pretty entertaining. What I’ve gathered from these conversations include:

  • Some men fear fashion due to the chance of losing the appearance of masculinity from others
  • practicality – more men do messy, dirty and hands on work… and pretty clothes just don’t match that lifestyle
  • the stigma that fashionable clothes cost more than sweats, tees and oversized basketball shorts

That being said… I’m here to put an end to all the pitfalls! I have to say, I have a total weakness to men who appear to be well put together from their groomed facial hair, all the way down to a nice pair of shoes (P.S. GUYS – don’t ever, and I mean EVER, wear running shoes with jeans! BIGGEST PET PEEVE.). And ladies – if your guy dresses-to-UNimpress, don’t give up on him! When you force your man to make a pit stop at the mall, stop into a few stores that ‘sport both genders, encourage him to, while you’re browsing the skirts, blouses and necklaces, that he take a look around the men’s section. Don’t be surprised if he refuses and instead parks himself at a bench outside the store… you may need to babysit his way through the men’s apparel. I’m to the point where I have more fun shopping for my guy’s clothes with him than working towards expanding my own closet!

A note to men: women look for a few things when checking you out: well groomed, nice bod and a good pair of shoes.

Here’s a few celebs who got it going on:

1. David Beckman…no surprise.

men's style - david beckham

I love David Beckman’s style, he is always groomed and put-together… without losing any masculinity! A well tailored, modern suit is a must for a man’s wardrobe. If you are 18+ years, it’s time you invest. It’s no longer okay to raid your dad’s closet for an interview look.  Don’t go bargain shopping at a thrift store for this one. Check out places like Joseph A. Banks, Men’s Wearhouse and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Try this:


Once tailored, this slim-fit and modern suit cost around $400 from Men’s Wearhouse. The shoes are lace, cap toe Joseph Abboud retailing for $130.

2. Justin Timberlake

men's style - justin timberlake

I adore JT for many reasons, his style being one! Does he not seem so effortless in this trendy get-up!? Nothing says “I have my shit together” quite like a multi-layered look for men.

Try This:


White Dress Shirt: Slim Fit, Express $60

Corduroy Pants: Target $20

Gray BurnOut Cardigan: Forever 21 (Men’s) $22.80

Sports Coat: Michael Kors $219

Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue $250

3. Ryan Gosling…. GORG!

men's style - ryan gosling

Pretty sure this man could look amazing in a paper bag, but hey! this is a fashion blog. Cardigans are a simple way to dress up a tee shirt and jean.

Try this:

men's style - cardigan look

One of my favorite looks 🙂 This gray cardigan from H&M retailing around $30 is paired with a basic white tee, also from H&M, at a steal for $9.80. Tie it off with a dark wash jean, a nice, bold watch and burgundy wingtip boots.

At the end of the day, however, boys will be boys, and some will stick to their lazy ways. Just keep a few things in mind: you don’t need a celebrity bank account to look like a celebrity and nothing.. AND I MEAN NOTHING… about those three men pictured above look anything less than masculine! For those of you boys ready to become men, follow this guide to style… and HAVE MERCY on the women you’ll meet.

Until next time,

For the Love of Fashion,

B. A.

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