Surviving the Arctic Blast without Sacrificing Fashion – College Edition

I’ve spent some time on a college campus recently and was pretty surprised at what I saw. Nobody wants to be that girl shivering on her way to class because instead of dressing practically, she dressed for style. I’m talking the girl in 3 degree weather ‘sporting a thin VS hoodie, leggings and moccasins – no scarf, no hat, no gloves…NO common sense. We get it – you want to look cute, you never know who you’ll meet! But girl, you just look silly.

There’s a way to join forces with practicality and fashion – without looking like a fool! Here’s a few tips on how to be warm AND stylish. I took this idea straight to a freshman dorm room, raided their closet and came up with great looks for surviving the cold, icy campus.

Look #1:


I paired this great neutral cow neck sweater with a basic long sleeve tee to add an extra layer of warmed. It goes flawlessly with a dark wash skinny and neutral combat boots. I also love this long army green winter jacket. Keeps you warm and fashionable – all at the same time! Who would have thought 😉

Look #2:



I love this look! It’s a fabulous combination of preppy and edgy, with a pop  of color in these mustard skinnies. Paired with black combat boots,a leather jacket, a fun – but warm – hat and technology-touch black gloves.

Look #3:

photo-31photo-28 photo-29 photo-30 photo-32

Plum pants -OMG- these jeans are adorable. A tan long sleeve shirt with shoulder lace details go great with a cream infinity scarf. The slim-fitted jean jacket adds another layer of warmth but not bulk and I gotta say, these booties are fantastic for campus life with a small, chunky heel. Throw on your winter coat and you’re ready to battle the cold wind and snow!

Simple layering technique along with a good pair of gloves, a warm scarf and a long winter coat can go along way this winter- getting you out of your dorm, into the classroom then back to your dorm safely.. ensuring your hectic netflix-watching schedule is not disturbed. Just remember, you don’t have to sacrifice cozy for style (P.S. now please don’t be that girl).

Until next time,

For the Love of Fashion,

B. A.

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