Because I have free time… & my closet is exploding with pretty things

After toying with the idea for some time, I’ve decided it’s now or never – I will start a fashion blog! I can say it was a 2014 new year resolution, but that’d be a lie…

The plan is to share Outfits of the Day including pictures and article costs, and one day maybe even a few beauty tip videos!

A little about me:

I’m your average recent college graduate finding her place in this world. I work in marketing though fashion has always been a huge part of my life. I’m terrified of the question “So tell me about your hobbies” during job interviews or while meeting new people because literally the only thing that comes to mind is SHOPPING – and I feel like that sounds terribly materialistic (though it is the absolute truth!!). I’m sure I’ll find more hobbies one day but until then I’ll spend my days netflixing, cuddling with my cat and…. SHOPPING, plus doing this fashion blog.

I’d say my style is pretty eclectic, depending on my mood, my style changes. I never owned a pair of sweat pants until college… and that’s only because it was no longer socially acceptable to not have a pair. I’m a pretty savvy shopper, girl loves a good deal!, so you won’t find too many high end clothes showcased on my blog, unless we’re talking handbags or gifts from others 😉

Stay tuned for my first REAL post.

Until then,

For the Love of Fashion

B. A.


Introducing: Priscilla (also known as Prissy), my fur baby… she likes fashion too!


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