Don’t Mind If I Do.. Honeymoon.

Don’t mind if I do is the phrase I said at every meal, every day of our honeymoon as I passed the dessert table.


We are back from our honeymoon.. a little tanner, a little fatter & a whole lot happier! My new husband and I took off to Jamaica last week to bask in the sun at a couples only, all-inclusive resort. It was magically, really. We did nothing. Our favorite spot on the resort happened to be a favorite of all 70-something-year-old couples: the porch swings. With a view like this, do I really need to explain myself further?

porch swing view

Surprisingly enough, we spent a whole 45 minutes on the beach. Shame on us, we know. But when you marry a milky-skinned ginger, you improvise. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the sand and salty water either… the combination is very itchy.

We spent a lot of our days lounging by the pool with some fruity little drinks. I can only imagine the calories.


It was neat to be in another country during such an important holiday for the United States. Our resort went all out for Independence Day with food, decorations, and a bonfire on the beach. We even pretended to steer an imaginary ship for a photo op [anything for a photo op, am i right?!].

fourth of july party

Because drinking pool side wasn’t enough, we moved our efforts to the open waters for a Booze & Cruise good time. Only one person got sick and the wind was on our side.


The last night of our get-away, reality hit us square in the face so we “attempted” to act our age. A few Crown & Cokes later, Justin was belting his heart out while being held up by the piano. Proud wife moment.


And now we’re back.

Our kitties, while taken great care of, now reek havoc at all hours of the day to spite us for leaving. Soon enough, though, life will return to normal.

Until Next Time,

B. K.

A whole Lot of Color #OOTD

There’s no denying the state I live in is hot during the summer, I mean like sit my in front of the AC for an entire weekend, kind of hot. Finding the perfect balance of work attire while beating the heat can be a real challenge. During one of my, what seems to be weekly, trips to Target, I found a great pair of breathable, flowy, and colorful pants that I knew would be perfect for work! The best part was that they were on sale, double win!

6.26.15 pants

I paired the colorful bottoms with a Target Long & Lean Jacquard Tank (my go-to basic tanks!) in the color Purple Pepper.

tank 6.26.15

You can finish off the look with a cardigan or jean jacket, like I did. Add some fun costume jewelry and you are all set for this perfect day-time summer look!

Target is simply the best!

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& Target Deals),

B. K.

Reasons for my absence: I Got Married.

Woah, Nelly. These past few months have been hectic! The title explains it all though – I became a Mrs. last Saturday! Leading up to the day, detail after detail after to be finalized so I apologize for not keeping this thing going – after all the stress, I didn’t look cute anyways!

I think it’s only appropriate to share some photos from the monumental day, don’t you think!? Then I promise, I will get back to my closet :)

We haven’t gotten the majority of our professional photos back yet, but I did have some great luck with iPhone users!



JustinandBaileyloveJustinandBaileybirchTreesBaileyandJustinphotoboothRememberingYourfatherrosegardenJustinandBaileyphotobooth2bricksJustinandBaileybubble ceremony

Our venue was a 1920’s mansion so we decided our theme should match our surroundings! My girls wore a Venetian Gold silk and chiffon gown and the men were in classic black tuxedos with suspenders. My groom was timeless in his ivory tuzedo jacket, black cummerbund and matching bow tie. It truly was the best day ever! I’ll share more photos once we receive them!

Until Next Time,

For the love of LOVE,


Spring is on it’s way!

Hello Loves,

It may seem hard to believe, as many parts of the [U. S.]  country are still under inches (if not feet) of snow- but Spring is on it’s way! Happy March everyone! In honor of the designated winter months being behind us, it’s time to think florals, colored jeans & pastels! YAY! Thinking of my favorite [early] Spring time looks, here’s a week’s worth of springtime inspiration!

workday hustle - monday

Monday’s Workday Hustle

timeless tuesday

Timeless Tuesday

humpday florals

Hump Day Florals

a terrific thursday

A Terrific Thursday

casual friday

Casual Friday

friday night fun

Friday Night Fun

daytime - saturday

Saturday’s Errands

sunday chic

Sweet Sunday

For those of you still fighting the wintery-cold, you’re almost to the finish line! & to all my fashionistas’ in warmer climates, I hope these inspire your looks! Are you as excited as I am!?

Until next time,

for the Love of Fashion (& warm weather),

B. A.

*images courtesy of Pinterest

24 Years Young – OOTD

Hello Loves!

Yesterday I turned another year older but was constantly reassured by others that I’m still very young – I wonder how many more years I will be told that, can’t be too many more!

The day was perfect. I mean, honestly, perfect! J sent flowers to my office in the morning, I had a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant with work friends, received an edible arrangement from my mom & sister, came home to a home cooked lobster and steak dinner then ended the day with a new pair of Nike running shoes from J. If that isn’t the definition of a princess day, I’m not sure what is!

Here’s some snap shots from the day:

ootdootd close

office gifts


running shoes

I am so lucky for all the wonderful people in my life. Thank you all for making not only my birthday so great, but each and every day!

Until Next life,

For the Love of Fashion (& princess days),

B. A.

Love is in the Air #OOTN

hello loves & Happy Valentines Day!

We kicked off Valentine’s Day weekend with Med School Follies. It’s basically like high school prom .. For adults, that are in medical school!

I wore a bright red scuba midi from Express and J wore a slim cut modern charcoal suit, black bow tie & suspenders.


We had a fantastic dinner, watched funny videos mocking medical school made by students and my favorite, the photo booth!



We ended the night with dancing and a mashed potato bar! So good!



Overall it was a wonderful night and a great way to kick off the weekend!!


What are you guys up to this weekend?

Until next time,

for the love of Fashion (& Follies),


My first IPSY encounter

Hello Loves!

Yesterday I came home to a very exciting surprise – my first ipsy package! I first learned about Ipsy through the beauty blogs I follow and figure what’s the harm in a $10 investment!? I signed up mid-January so I unfortunately had to wait until now to get my first shipment. Let me tell you – it was well worth the wait! I am so pleased with the product I received!


What’s in my bag:

  • peach blush
  • hair volumizing spray
  • deep plum eye pencil with sharper
  • pastel pink lip gloss
  • angled brush
  • IPSY travel-size make up bag

Perfectly packaged together in a super cute metallic pink mailer.

Today I tried out the brush, eye liner, lip gloss and blush.

  • The brush is perfect, I have been meaning to stop by ulta to pick up a new angled brush (no lie!) and poof! There one is! This is a fantastic brush for contouring!
  • The blush is gorgeous, highly pigmented and a great shade for my skin tone
  • I loved the eye liner, I haven’t experimented too much with colored eye pencils but I need to start – immediately. The plum color compliments and brightens my blue eyes!
  • The gloss is very pigmented and not sticky, like some glossy can be. It’s a beautiful color to start spring with!

I am so thrilled with my Ipsy – I’m definitely hooked! Cannot wait for next month!

Have you tried it? Check out and start your own subscription, you won’t be disappointed!

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& monthly subscriptions),

B. A.