#ootd bright & summery!

Hey guys!

I have two looks for you! I’m also super excited about a new online store I found! If you love the look of Forever 21, H & M and Zara, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Modern Ego (link below)!! I have been on a none stop shopping spree these past few weeks (oops, sorry hubby!!)!!

I love that they are inexpensive but are still nice quality! ANYWAYS! I’ve pulled together two looks, all are new to my closet from Modern Ego!



I love the neon yellow, bright pink/peach and vibrant teal! 😍 these colors Are my favorite for this season! Accessorizing with golds warm up any neon color!

Check out modern ego online, you can use this link and get 10% off (this will totally help when you find out you’ve placed the whole store in your cart 😁😆)
You just have to register, it’s super easy and takes no time at all!

Modern Ego

What new things have you guys added to your closet this season!?

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For the love of fashion,

B. A.

#OOTD it’s a Neon Summer

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I went on a huge summer fashion haul, I definitely needed to freshen up my summer wardrobe by adding trendy pieces to the classics I already own. I feel like this summer especially, I’m in a new stage of my life and need to dress more the part. This is the first summer I can’t say I’m a ‘recent college grad’ AND I’m a new bride to be! I think there comes a time when you become an adult out in the real world that you must start dressing in a way that if you were to see you boss out on a Friday night, you wouldn’t be mortified by what you’re wearing.. if you get what I mean. ANYWAYS, that’s where I’m at!

So I’ve added a bunch of new trendy pieces, both tops and bottoms, and thought it’s been too long since my last post!

Here’s a look at my #ootd from yesterday!






I’m LOVING neon for summer. For this outfit I paired this vibrant neon yellow with a chevron/tribal print black and white top, high black wedge booties and a statement necklace. I really love the booties with this summer look, I think we sometimes think that when the warm weather comes we should pack away our winter shoes, including booties! I disagree. I love the closed-toe look for some occasions.

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: American Eagle | Shoes: Aldo | Neckalce: Etsy

For work, simply throw on a fitted blazer and you’re ready to make an office statement.


I’m super excited about starting a new series on here for office looks in the summer time. It’s hot, it’s summer, and you want to dress the part but it’s often times hard to find a great mix of summer clothes for the office! I’ll have those inspirations ready for you soon!


Until Next Time,

For the love of Fashion (& Neons),

B. A.

On a personal note, I love my engagement photos.. #ootd

so I know technically I should stick to fashion BUT, I’ve received a few sneak peaks from our engagement session earlier this week!

for those of you married, engaged, or planning a fake wedding of your dreams on Pinterest… What’s your favorite #ootd look to capture those special engagement photos?

happily in love! I hope you all have found or will find the love of your lives one day!!

Until next time,

for the love of fashion (& fiancé’s)

B. A.



Fashion Wear It or Tear It – Dressy Sweatpants

Hey there Fashion Lovers!

I’ve never been one really into wearing sweatpants. I get it, they’re comfortable but I just never liked the idea of looking like a hot mess in public (though it’s definitely happened a time or two).

From frumpy to fabulous, sweatpants have evolved to a new fashion: dressy. Believe it as you may, there are women out there rocking a pair of the lovable pants with killer heels.


It’s taken me some time to warm up to the idea but now.. I think it’s time to own the look. Here’s some ways you can wear ‘em:



I love the look paired with a simple top, right in the middle of being dressy and comfortable. It really brings the look full circle. Perfect outfit for wintertime and hey – what a great idea for when your girlfriends drag you out to ladies night when you really just wanna watch Netflix and munch on some Doritos.

What do you guys think, wear it or tear it?

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion,

B. A.

#OOTD having fun with fashion

Hey guys :) I’m sure most of my fellow fashion lovers can agree when I say the main reason I love fashion is because I can completely change who I am by my choice in outfits. I love the artist freedom fashion allows a person to have. While it’s so great to see people with a specific style, I enjoy transforming day to day based on the weather, my mood and the amount of time I have to plan out my look ;)….

Here’s an example of an outfit of the day that is pretty out of my typical look! LOVED IT and I loved how it made me feel!


Kind of rebellious and edgy!

What’s your favorite out-of-the-box look?

until next time,

For the love of fashion (& new looks),


From miss to future mrs! Hey guys guess what!?

Soooo excited to tell all of you that I’m engaged! I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend the rest of my life with my most honest best friend :) I wanted to share a few pictures from that special day!


I hope you all can one day find someone who fills your heart with so much happiness!



Currently working on a new post with.. Wait for it… Spring clothes!! Who else is super thrilled that horrible winter is finally over!? Bring on the sundresses & tan :)

Enjoy today everyone!

Until next time,

For the love of fashion (& diamonds),


My apologies for being MIA! #OOTD

Soooo guys, sorry I’ve been neglecting this thing for quite sometime! I’ve started a new position in human resources and have been so busy planning our move half way across the country! Let me catch you all up with an #ootd!

More to come very soon! & I promise not to leave you hanging this long again :)

Until next time,
for the love of fashion,
B. A.

Travel to a new city, fall in love, move there PLUS an #OOTD

Finally! A post about the trip I went on two weekends ago! Seriously, sorry it’s taken me forever… I hope you took time these past two weeks from starring at the computer screen to grab a bite to eat. LOL jokes.

Anywho, from the blog post about packing, you’ve gathered the trip we took was a road trip. We left Friday evening and drove all through the night, this was the first time I’d ever traveled this way. My main take away from that road trip in the dead of night?: NEVER. AGAIN. like seriously, ever. It was tough and to refrain from sounding like a whining baby, I won’t go on….

Absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the city once we finally arrived! We stayed in an adorable little boutique hotel right outside downtown and spent most of our weekend apartment hunting. We found the perfect apartment for us in what’s known as the Library District, which is right in the heart of the city. I’m a total city girl and my love is…. not. But we ended up both finding the city apartment exactly what we both needed. IT’S A MIRACLE.

Here’s some shots from our trip!




photo 4-6photo 3-7photo 1-8

It was super snowy there and we LOVED it!!

Here’s a few of the apartment we’ve chosen, it’s a two bedroom/two bath condominium:


Our little city kitchen with a BIG window :) I’m obsessed with natural lighting


A view of a portion of the living room, four large windows give us a 180 view of downtown. Easily one of my favorite things about the place!


Large master bathroom!


Take a look at this gem! My walk in closet, don’t worry – I say MINE because Justin has his own walk in closet too! This was a must on my list of things the apartment would need. I have to keep everything organized and this is the only way possible! I’m so excited for this closet, you have no idea! You may not be able to tell from the photograph but this closet can fit a twin size bed in it.. anyone need a place to crash? ;)


The lap pool, such a great exercise and stress-reliever for me! Very excited about this!

Well guys, you’ve seen it all! We are very thrilled about this opportunity. I am a bit nervous as well, I will be moving over a thousand miles from the state I grew up in… but it’s time for this baby bird to flap her wings and fly!!

I’ll leave you with this OOTD…because DUH, this is a fashion blog! :P


it was a cold, snowy day today AND I’m beginning to get sick of the sweaters and peacoat routine so I switched things up! Channeling my inner lumberjack, I’m wearing an old fleece flannel button down, skinny black jeans, Uggs (I know & I’m sorry- but so much snow!), red puffy vest and accessorized with this orange and red multi-tiered necklace and bronze cocktail ring. —-And of course.. my nerd glasses 8-)

Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& new cities),

B. A.

Birthday Perfection: #OOTD



It’s been a great couple of days! This week I turned another year older so over the weekend we celebrated! I wanted to share a few snapshots from the day with you including my outfit of the day!


Burgundy leather jacket with zipper detail: Buckle | Basic Black Tank | White & Grey mini skirt: H&M | Black wedged booties: Shi

Went to a new place in town for dinner, sooo good! I probably ate an entire loaf of their bread all by myself but it was totally worth it! & had a delicious White Chocolate Martini…YUM!


Shirt: Birthday Gift from sister (THANK YOU, love it!) FigLeaf | Ring Vintage bronze metal | Earrings: Bronze and white, Charming Charlie’s

The day of my birthday (2/18) my wonderful love muffin made lobster, one of my favorites!!! It was so good, what a great little chef!! :)



PreHeat oven to 350

Cut shell using kitchen scissors all the way down the middle of the tail

use your fingers to work the lobster meat from the shell [without ripping it to bits]!

Place whole lobster meat atop the shell for a beautiful finished look once it’s done baking

Lather lobster meat with butter and a lemon garlic marinade

Pop in oven for 15 minutes


So easy yet sooo yummy!

P. S.

I know I promised pictures from my trip last weekend & I promise to have those up ASAP! Crazy news, we loved the city so much, we’re moving there! So ready for a fresh start in a new part of the country! More details to come!! :)


Until Next Time,

For the Love of Fashion (& birthdays)

B. A.

a Splash of Valentine’s in Your Wardrobe

Happy Valentine’s all you pretty people!

Today is one of my favorite holidays! With everyone’s busy schedules and life getting in the way, this light-hearted holiday is a reminder to slow things down and take time out of your day to show the people you love just how much you care!

Whether you have a hot date at a fancy restaurant or you’re going out for drinks with friends, why not be a little festive!? Here’s some looks for inspiration:

1. photo-60

Great look for work! Simple black tee layered with a slim-cut black blazer and skinny denim. Accessorized with a red and black heart scarf, gold heart ring and statement earrings. Pair this look with black leather boots for comfort or a black pump to dress it up!


A flirty look for this holiday! Black blazer with leather detailing over a floral print tank, paired with a high-waisted skater skirt, black tights and black wedged booties. Accessorize with simple, girly jewelry: pearls.

3. photo-62

Red not your color? Don’t worry – pink is adorable for Vday too! Cute pink blazer with gold detailing, simple black tee, black&white striped maxi skirt. Accessorized with a white beaded necklace and black&silver cocktail ring. Finish off the look with booties, sandals (if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere warm right now!) or flats.

Whatever your plans are to celebrate, look cute & festive while doing it! If you’re single, treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t but don’t forget to call up your friends & family to say ‘I Love You’.

Carry on lovebirds.

Until Next Time,

For the love of Fashion (& holidays),

B. A.